**Starting April 9th First Impressions will be closing with the hopes of reopening in a couple of months under new management. Thank you for giving us the privilege of scanning your little ones! It is our hope to continue to serve our community in the near future.** 

Some things are just too good to wait for!

The technology of 3d and 4d Ultrasound has truly changed the ultrasound experience into something you can understand. When you look at our before and after pictures. you’ll be convinced that you can see what your baby looks like before you can hold him or her in your arms.

At First Impressions, the session is designed for your enjoyment unlike any other ultrasound experience you’ve ever had. Our intent is to have you leave with an even stronger bond with your baby, with your family, and with the miracle of birth. Fathers and family and even friends are welcome to come and share this experience with you, and to help increase their bonding experience as well.

We also can determine gender if you haven’t received that information yet, or are looking for confirmation.