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First Impressions is pleased to offer the unique experience of seeing your baby in 3D for the first time.

This is a very special time for families & we strive to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment where the entire family is welcome to share in this tremendous bonding experience.


Our 3D & 4D ultrasound pictures and videos are provided to expectant mothers under the following terms:

  1. This procedure is performed at the mother’s request. The 3D/4D  exam is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace a diagnostic exam performed by your doctor.  Ultrasound cannot discover all potential problems, but if a problem is noted during the exam we will notify your doctor. Please be advised however, this exam is performed for non-medical reasons and as such, no responsibility for the discovery of any problems associated with your pregnancy should be assumed.
  2. 3D /4D ultrasound is not paid for by any insurance company for non-medical reasons. No insurance companies will be billed and the all scans will be paid for in full by cash, check, debit or credit card prior to the exam.
  3. Ultrasounds are scheduled by appointment during our hours of operation. If you cannot come, please give us 24hrs. notice to allow us to schedule someone else for that time. Your appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes, Arriving late will result in decreasing your appointment time by that amount of time.
  4. 3D/4D Ultrasound is performed ideally between 28-32 weeks. If you have scheduled your exam prior to 26 weeks, any repeat exam will be performed at your expense. No refund will be given for a less than optimal exam unless you are participating in our multiple exam package.
  5. You may bring guests the exam. You are only limited by the number that will fit in the room. Your guest must be on time or join the “in progress” session. Scans will not be repeated for latecomers. We want the exam to be a pleasurable and informative experience for the entire family, but because the scan can take up to 30 minutes it may not be appropriate for small children who are easily distracted.
  6. This ultrasound is  fun and exciting. It is a great opportunity for expecting parents to bond with their baby. The special moments you share with your unborn baby during this exam can be treasured for a lifetime.